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" legend status "

        With over 30 years of experience, it makes us one of the most knowledgeable custom home builder in Ontario. Our experience ranges from equipment operation, underground services, carpentry, tile setting, concrete forming to blueprint design. There are probably only a select few in the world that has the skill set to deliver an outstanding quality product at an affordable price and a timely fashion. Cerasa feels that it is very important to be able to do the work "in house" with your own personnel. It allows for us to be in control of every job and make sure that they are not relying on outsourced sub contractors like the competition around him. His ability to design and visualize a project from often a little sketch that his customers dream of is a great asset. He also feels the importance to delivering a quality and reputable product stems on his full fleet of equipment and tools with the skilled workers that he hand picked and trained personally. Often Cerasa gets upset with his competitors because they simply don’t have the experience or knowledge to construct a job on there own without outsourced professional help. Often seeing his competition driving around in fancy cars, and not even able to swing a hammer if need be. Thinking at times how can we call them builders when they can’t even frame there customers house , or hang a door in order to make a closing if necessary.


 Kingsbridge North (Amhesrtburg), Golfview developments (Amherstburg), Old Colony Street (Amherstburg) International Street (Lasalle), Dunn Avenue (Lasalle), Radcliff Ave (Windsor), Canard Valley (McGregor), Seven Lakes (Lasalle), Kenilworth Drive (Windsor), Whiteside Drive (Windsor), Southwood Lakes (Windsor), Shadetree Crescent (Windsor), Cousineau Street (Windsor), Lyons Ave (Lasalle), Maple Ave ( Lasalle), Lombardy Crescent (Lasalle)  


 Cerasa Plaza (Amhesrtburg), Superior Carwash (Windsor), Kenilworth Square (Windsor), 1821 Provincial Rd, (Windsor), Re-Lighting (Amherstburg), Tuscany Square (Windsor)