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 "Get It Right the First Time"

          Whatever your project is, whether building a home or remodeling an existing residence or office., Cerasa is well qualified and welcomes the opportunity to assist you in the blue print design, and selecting a construction processes that work for you. Based on Cerasa's knowledge and experience, you can be assured that we will find the best solution for you.

          The Design/Build philosophy of building your new home brings a confidence of knowing that your dreams can become reality under the watchful eye of our professional team. From the designing of your custom home to fit your needs or suit a particular lot, through the construction process, we focus on the design, the budget and the time allocation. A relationship of trust is established so that ideas can be brought forward and the best solution found to any challenge encountered.

Better Visualization

One of the biggest reasons for a 3d design of your dream home from Cerasa is to identify exactly what you want. With 3d design, you can look at a three dimensional projection of your house before it is actually constructed. If you are unhappy with any of the features of the house, we can tweak the design according to your preferences.

Avoid Mistakes Due to Miscommunications

Take the example of your back porch. In your mind, you might have an idea of how it should look. With only a two dimensional blueprint, you cannot properly visualize its out come. With 3d design at Cerasa we can actually show all the details just the way you want it and you are virtually eliminating future errors due to misunderstanding.


Cerasa Design Build Inc. has been incorporating their belief of “Healthy Home Building” through its career starting with its selections of efficient design with maximum lumber spans and very little waste. We take this approach even with selecting materials, methods and practices which address the energy efficiency, economic concerns, and durability over time comfort and sustainability of building.

As a Certified Professional Builder, over the years we have encouraged our clients to select quality-assured products and processes so that we can guarantee clean and healthy indoor air quality, considerable lower energy costs, and greater comfort in an environmentally responsible home that is built to last.nd more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

"I grew up in the trenches, hooking up sewers and forming footings. I understand what it takes to get the job done under any circumstances"

Anthony Cerasa - President